Our facilities

Seminar Room

We have a small but sweet seminar room. We have regular seminars and project meetings all the time here.

Capacity: <30

3D Laser Scanner: Range 7

We have a Konica Minolta Sensing Range 7, which is a new era of non-contact 3D laser scanning device.

The scanner can capture high quality point clouds from physical objects which are good for researches on surface reconstruction, point processing, and reverse engineering.




Structure Light Scanner

We have built up a structure light scanner. We use it to capture 3D point cloud from real objects in our projects.

The scanner is made of a projector (Sony VPL-EX121), two industry cameras (GRAS-20S4C-C) and lens (HF12.5HA-1B), and a tripod (Fotomate VT-7005D).


3D Printers

We have both MakerBot Replicator 2 and MakerBot Replicator 2X.

The 3D printers are really cool. We have some projects on it.


Color Printer

HP Color Laser Jet 8550


Kinect for XBOX 360

We have 4 Kinects. We have various projects on Kinects such as data denoising, human body modeling, and virtual try-on, etc.

Kinect for Windows

We have 2 Kinects for Windows. Kinect for Windows has a new feature of 'near mode'.

Kinect 2 for Windows

We have 1 pre-version of Kinect 2 sensor for Windows. The final Kinect 2 sensor will become available in Spring of 2014.

Leap Motion Controller

We have ordered 4 Leap Motion controller, which is a "hand-based Kinect".


We are a backer of 3D Doodler, which is the World's First 3D Printing Pen.


Tablet LCD Monitor

UG-1910B (19.5 Inch)

We use it for projects on sketch-based interfaces and modeling.

Digital Pen Tablet

Bamboo CTL-470 (147.2x92mm)

We have 2 pen tablets. We use them for projects on sketch-based interfaces and modeling.

Digital Video Camera

Sony HDR xr260e 4200


BENRO T880EX 190


Lisheng (82 pieces)

Facilities to come soon...


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